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I'm a vegan with about 75% raw vegan. 25 years ago I thought most people would be vegetarian by now. Instead, there seem to be even fewer vegetarians these days, even with all the information out there supporting the choice.

I like to have fun out in the world but also being a "homebody" sometimes too. I love the mountains, forests and animals. My favorite place to be is in a thick evergreen forest. Politically conservative. So far I prefer home equipment over going to a gym but that might depend on having an exercise partner or not. I like to do a lot of different things, even if not that often such as bowling, miniature golf, skating, hiking, skiing. I'm also into astronomy, architecture and going to home shows. I'm a "spiritual" person and have traveled a few different paths along the way. I would prefer a partner that I can converse about spirituality - even if we aren't on the same path.

What I am looking for

Usually I gravitate towards guys that are just guys that happen to be gay without having caused them to adopt the stereotypical traits I'm turned off by. I never got the memo that I had to alter my personality in order to date other men ;o) I still try to be open-minded and not get stuck on criteria. Sure it would be otherwise great to find the ideal partner: smart, attractive/sexy (to me), physicaly fit, nice, genuine, devoted to those he cares about.

I hope to meet a soulmate or, in other words, someone very compatible.